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Manuel Arnu

Manuel Arnu, born in 1969, has been an enthusiastic canoeist since his young days. White water expeditions and canoe tours have taken him to the most remote areas on our planet. As freelance photojournalist her reports about his travels and adventures. „Ever since I’ve started kayaking, there’s (almost) always a camera on board. I’m a self-taught photographer; books, experiments and experience have been my coach.“

Jens Klatt

Jens Klatt (born 1980): the freelance photographer from Augsburg started his career as kayak photographer and mainly focuses on extreme and outdoor sports. Whether it’s an Alpine cross with bike and boat, the Freeride Transalp on skis, or trekking in the Himalaya mountains: Jens is right in the middle of it, trying to capture the enthusiasm of athletes for their sport. “My major focus is always the person, because there’s a lot of commitment behind each sportive success. And that’s what I want to capture.” Publications in magazines like 4-Seasons, outdoor, Men’s Health, Fit for Fun and many more are the perfect proof that he achieves his objective.


Bert Willer

Bert lives in Munich and works as freelance sports and event photographer for clients like Volkswagen, BMW, Telefonica O2, adidas Outdoor and many more. His enthusiasm for outdoor activities took him early towards sports and event photography. With his eye for aesthetics and his sure instinct, he not only takes beautiful pictures of people in motion, events and locations – he also manages to capture emotions and sentiments. Punchy portraits and dynamic snapshots characterize his style.


Damiano Benedetto

Hello there, my name is Damiano Benedetto. I'm a energetic and passionate photographer specialized in sports and outdoor.

I'm a contributor/ freelance photographer for press agencies and from this year I'm a member of the AIRF (Italian Photo Reporter Association).

Some of my passed assignments: Turin World Master Games 2013, Crankworx Le2Alps, Outdoormixfestival Embrun (FR), ISU Short Track World Cup, IFSC Climbing World Cup (L), Italian Athletic Championship.

I am available for any new type of photographic collaboration, contact me.


Elias Holzknecht

Elias was born in 1994 in Austria’s Ötztal where he also grew up. Majestic mountains, which always pose new challenges, have surrounded him all his life. So he started climbing and seeing the world from above, matching with nature and testing his limits. Climbing became his passion, and through his climbing he discovered photography – to capture unique moments up in the mountains. For several years, Elias used every opportunity to accompany athletes around the world, gain experience as a sports photographer and develop his skills in other fields. Eventually he turned his passion to profession. In 2013 he established woodslave productions and doesn’t leave his house without a camera ever since.


Christian Waldegger

Christian wurde 1981 in Tirol/ Österreich geboren und lebt im Kaunertal, daher hatte er schon immer eine enge Verbindung zum Bergsport. Klettern und Snowboarden sind seine große Leidenschaft. Als er 17 Jahre alt war, kaufte sich sein älterer Bruder eine Canon EOS 3 und von dem Moment an war es um Christian geschehen. Bis er sich seine eigene Kamera leisten konnte, lieh er sich immer wieder die Kamera seines Bruders. Mit 21 assistierte er einem deutschen Modefotografen mit Sitz in Innsbruck. Gemeinsam reisten beide um die ganze Welt, u.a. nach Sambia, Simbabwe, Kapstadt, Miami, Mauritius, Barbados, Chicago, San Francisco und New York. Nach 5 Jahren als Assistent, realisierte Christian, dass er den nächsten Schritt wagen und sich selbständig machen wollte. Gesagt, getan. Er machte seinen Magister als Fotograf und versucht seitdem seinen Beruf mit seinen Hobbies zu verbinden – Fotografieren, Klettern und Snowboarden.