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Quattro Media

quattro media focuses on the communication of sports, culture and lifestyle events and supplies media in various forms to international clients. This is in collaboration with sporting associations, event organisers, athletes and their associated media partners. quattro media coordinates the needs of the media industry and provides a full service. The key services are: concept, consultancy and realisation, presence on-site, unified communications and coordinating the TV, print, radio and new media, broadcasting technical advice and services, post production and media evaluation.

Kanu Magazin

KANU-Magazin is one of the most popular magazines in the German-speaking kayak and canoe scene. Founded 18 years ago, the magazine has reached an outstanding status - nearly every paddler reads it. As the only "Special Interest-Magazine" KANU-Magazin has a monopoly as well as it is an accepted opinion leader of the branch. So all in all, KANU-Magazin is the best choice for everybody, who wants to reach paddlers. Editorially, canoeing is shown and presented with all its facets: sea kayaking, extreme kayak expeditions, whitewater kayaking, kayak tours for families, etc. Reports, pictures and product testings are perfectly aligned to the target group. So qualitatively KANU-Magazine can compete with all other comparable magazines. KANU-Magazine is specially focused on beginners. The annual KANU rental guide offers helpful hints and hundreds of addresses of canoe rentals. For advanced paddlers, there is the annual guide for advanced learners. Both guides are distributed for free as a special edition. This way, KANU-Magazin is attending the paddle-boom by also keepin focus on its regular readers.

Canoe & Kayak UK

Canoe & Kayak UK is dedicated to providing the most topical and detailed coverage of the whole paddling scene. Written by paddlers, for paddlers, we want YOU to get involved! Tell them what you like and where you want to go. Share photos and paddling tales and really contribute to the future of Canoe & Kayak UK Britain's leading canoeing and kayaking magazine.


HYDRO – paddlers' magazine in Czech and Slovakian languages brings you six times a year all the thrill, action, adventure, joy and relaxation of the paddling sport in all its forms and styles. It is also here for you on-line every day with news, reports, gear reviews, gear swap, river guides, forums and many more services for the paddling community. HYDRO – the magazine from a country where paddling is a national passion.


Playak is an independent initiative with the goal to be the worldwide paddling portal. It was initiated by Jeroen Houttuin. By now, Playak is indeed the world's leading kayaking portal. The Kayahoo Links Database is the largest of its kind and covers paddling disciplines from rafting to sea kayaking, dragon boating, polo and whitewater. The Kayak World Map is without competition, the Calendar and Kayak Database are the most complete you'll find anywhere and the News Watch scans 500 other web sites for the latest news, 365 days per year (and sends the most popular headlines to almost 10,000 people in a daily newsletter format). These are just a few examples of what we mean when we claim to be the world's leading paddling portal.

Kayak Session

Kayak Session is an international whitewater magazin. It is with this simple say that they launched in 2000 the first issue of Kayak Session. And it is still the moto here at kayak session. Portray the most accurately as possible, a country, an area, a valley, a person, an event, a mission through our prime quality photography. The words come along naturally. They always privilege authenticity. The people writing have been to the places you will discover in the pages. The philosophy is to try to show and expose as many different views of our sports. Share, learn, discover. Whether these incredible characters are pros and famous, or local and upcoming, every single way to look at kayaking is valid and worth publicizing. Join us, and come and share with us this wonderful world of whitewater kayaking.


The independant internet platform Soulboater.com was founded in 1999. It was one of the first websites about whitewater kayaking and playboating in Europe. By the time, Soulboater.com has developed to an international community offering all information concerning kayaking: river guides, information about products, current news from the whitewater scene and a forum. The Soulboater.com crew is involved in the developement of products and trends in whitewater. Well knows experts from differend whitewater fields are working for Soulboater.com.


Besides regularly providing current scene news and reports about paddling events, 4-paddlers.com gives the following services: River database, 2nd-Hand Shop, online water levels, hazards hotline, boat index, discussion forms and services for mobile phones. All services are free. Further on registered users can book email subs with current water levels for their special rivers. Since the foundation and first launch of the web service in 1999, the site has grown to become the leading German-speaking internet platform for paddlers. In 2010 they re-launched the website under a new name, design and  top-level domain 4-paddlers.com. They made the slogan to program for the com-domain and launched a site with an international flavor. The site is currently available in German, English, Slovenian and Czech language. Further translations into Hungarian, Italian, Polish and French are planned. 4-paddlers.com offers comprehensive information and a service platform for paddlers about kayaking and canoeing in whitewater and flat-water. Dealer and producer companies are directly involved via co-operations. With very up-to-date scene related news reporting, 4-paddlers.com gives distinction to his magazine character and tempts thousands of paddlers to 4-paddlers.com monthly.


KanuTube (KanuTube.de) is the video community of the German Canoe Federation. The site has been online since 2010 and the enthusiasm is still growing. KanuTube offers everyone to take part and upload own videos to show them to the entire world. Something special: at KanuTube you find only videos about canoeing and kayaking. In order to expand the offer of videos the German Canoe Federation produces own videos or broadcasts whole events in the internet regularly.