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Hall of Fame

World Champion 2013: Joe Morley (GBR)

"This is by far my best achievement I’d say. For three years 150 guys have gone against Sam and tried to beat him over and over again.  The Wellerbrücke rapid itself is hard to get down and just to get down it quicker than everyone else is a good feeling."

World Champion 2012: Sam Sutton (NZL)
“This one has been the most difficult mentally and it has also felt the best, I think it was quite a tight margin but I won by a compute, the last couple of years I had a buffer. Maybe I'm getting older and slower so hopefully we'll step it up next year.”

World Champion 2011: Sam Sutton (NZL)
“To win the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship you have to combine all the lines perfectly together, because if you miss one you most likely miss the rest. If you paddle hard at the start and button of in the middle section and focus on your moves you have a good chance to nail a Sickline.”

World Champion 2010: Sam Sutton (NZL)
"The adidas Sickline World Championship is the pinnacle event for us kayakers. It unifies the greatest of all genres of kayaking in one spectacular event to crown the best of the best."

World Champion 2009: Alexander Grimm (GER)
"Each day on course is a new challenge. Even the slightest change in water level can be extremely demanding. If you manage to adapt yourself, you've got what it takes to win!" 

World Champion 2008: Thilo Schmitt (GER)

"To become Sickline World Champion you have to bring nerves of steel, perfect paddle technique and a full battery. You'll find good luck, which you need for a perect run, on site."

Thilo Schmitt
Alexander Grimm
Sam Sutton
Sam Sutton
Sam Sutton
Joe Morley

Results 2013

The top 3

1. Joe Morley (GBR), 0:56,10
2. Daniel Klotzner (ITA), 0:56,56
3. Egor Voskoboynikov (RUS), 0:57,51

The top 3 "Sickline Queen"

1. Nouria Newman (FRA)
2. Toni George (NZL)
3. Martina Wegman (NED) 

Complete Final-Results
Complete Final-Results Women
Ladder Final Round
Qualification 1+2

Results 2012

The Top 3

1. Sam Sutton (NZL) 0:56,92
2. Dejan Kralj (SVK) 0:57,81
3. Mike Dawson (NZL) 0:58,38

The top 3 "Sickline Queen"

1. Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS) 
2. Jennifer Chrimes (GBR) 
3. Martina Wegman (NED)

Complete Final-Results 
Complete Final-Results Women
Ladder Final Round 
Qualification 1 + 2


The top 3

1. Sam Sutton (NZL), 0:55,84
2. Mike Dawson (NZL), 0:58,00
3. Paul Böckelmann (GER), 0:58,03

The top 3 "Sickline Queen"

1. Martina Wegman (NED)
2. Caroline Loir (FRA)
3. Anne Hübner (GER) 

Qualification Run I 
Qualification Run II
Qualification Run I+II

Final Round Result Ladder

Results Final Round
Results Overall


The top 3

1. Sam Sutton (NZL), 0:58,85
2. Michele Ramazza (ITA), 1:00,99
3. Lukas Kalkbrenner (GER), 1:01,13

Qualification Run I + II
Final Round Result Ladder
Results Final Round
Results Overall


The top 3

1. Alexander Grimm (GER), 1:00,46
2. Mike Dawson (NZL), 1:01,15
3. Jakobus Stenglein (GER), 1:01,87

Resultlist - Final
Full Resultlist
Resultlist - Qualification Run I + II
Resultlist - Qualification Run II
Resultlist - Qualification Run I


The top 3

1. Thilo Schmitt (GER) 2:05,81
2. Sam Sutton (NZL) 2:05,92
3. Michele Ramazza (ITA) 2:07,38

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